Additional links for week 11 (Fake News)

Rubin, V., Chen, Y., and Conroy, N. J. (2015): Deception Detection for News: Three Types of Fakes
Wardle, C. (2016): 6 types of misinformation circulated this election season,
Perhaps the following are not necessary, but they might add to the understanding of the evolution of fake news:
Baym, G. (2005). The Daily Show: Discursive integration and the reinvention of political journalism, in Political Communication, 22(3), 259-276.
Black, J. (1996): GENERAL SEMANTICS AND THE ETHICS AGENDA: New Challenges for the News Media.

Additional links for week 7 (big data)

ACM code of ethics 1992 revision and discussion: Call to action, Making a Positive Impact: Updating the ACM Code of Ethics (includes draft of revision).

The End of Theory. Related, at least in my mind, is David Deutsch’s evangelism about the absurdity of explanationless progress in The Beginning of Infinity. (
Discussion and excerpt

Famous in Seattle

Our ITU course is mentioned in the Seattle Met paper: